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Is every tee the same?

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#1 jessos



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Posted 25 October 2002 - 04:06 AM

Over the last few years I've tried numerous wooden and plastic tees and with time they all seem the same. As they tend to crack and split after a few holes. Why is it, that the pro's never seem to brake a tee? Is it simply cause they strike the ball flush with the head of the tee everytime? Or is it due to the fact that they tee off from lush grassy areas? Or could it be that they use tees carved outta royal oak? Please someone guide my fragile mind.

#2 Ben


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Posted 25 October 2002 - 04:08 AM

Heya Jessos,

Welcome to Iseekgolf! I cant answer your question (tho its probably they're ability to hit them flush wink.gif ), but on a recent trip to the states I saw "Anti-Slice" tees smile.gif

Go figure wink.gif


#3 jeanmc



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Posted 25 October 2002 - 04:55 AM

with Ben on this one...their swing's are so refined, they could probably pick it off a thumbtack...
I'm pretty sure most wooden tees are the same...but I've got some realllyyy dodgy ones that seems to crack more frequently than the rest...so that's prob the cheap stuff...(most freebies are cheap stuff...same goes for the ones they sell in KMart)

I can assure you that tour players DO NOT like lushy fairways/tee box...it hinders their ability to generate back spin. I'm pretty sure you'll find that most of the tournament teeboxes are so well groomed and maintained, I won't be surprise that they're much better than some greens on australia's public courses...

plastic tees...well, if it looks like it'll break, then it will...if you use plastic...get the good one...they'll last a very long time.
(plastic tees are not as forgiving on the clubface as wooden tees...so that's something to consider...)

Ben, that anti-slice tee you're referring to...I'm pretty sure is available in Australia...you have to be a real 'sucka' to fall for that one...tho...I've seen tees that are shaped like a bikini model...that's a keeper... biggrin.gif


#4 Matt


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Posted 25 October 2002 - 06:45 AM

Anti Slice golf tees must rank alongside those balls they sold a few years ago that were specifically designed for Callaway and Taylor Made drivers as one of the more desperate attempts to make a buck out of us helpless, gullible golfers. I also remember ads for a weighted hat that was meant to help you keep your head down. We could get quite a string of posts going about dumb golf ideas if we tried.

#5 jockotaylor


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Posted 25 October 2002 - 07:19 PM

Have a look at www.Projetta.com for a wierd and illegal tee. Supposed to guarantee a straight shot every time...

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