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Golf Overseas

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#1 judgesmails


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Posted 11 October 2002 - 04:32 PM

Mau, what kind of work takes you to Brunei and what are the courses like, condition, $$$ wise and what do you like/miss most about Brunei/Perth?
Has anyone else had a chance to play much overseas and how do you rate OverSeas Courses??
(And I don't mean Phillip Island as Overseas!)

#2 jeanmc



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Posted 12 October 2002 - 02:49 AM

I'm actually working here F/T...since March...family business in the oil/gas industry, so I take trips back to Perth every 4-5 months for a break. Been studying and working in Perth for 11 years, so used to the lifestyle there, and have only started to get comfortable here.

The golf here is okay...only problem that most ppl complain is the humidity...it's BAD...imagine...the Heineken Classic a few years back when all the pros were sweating like mules...well, that's pretty much it here!!! So, I've started to adapt to it...a routine so to speak...and am quite comfortable playing in the heat now.

There's 5 golf courses here, PGC (home course), PMGC, RBA, RGBCC and the EMPIRE (designed by Jack Nicklaus BUT not endorsed by him).
The Empire costs 100 bucks to play, RBA costs 50 bucks, RBGCC costs 70 bucks, and PGC/PMGC are reciprocal, so free for me to play. The fees are reasonable for the buggy courses. Comparaing with Singapore anyway. I've played 3 courses in Singapore...VERY DAMN EXPENSIVE...and played a lot more in Malaysia...relatively cheap...(buggy & walking).

Given the choice, I'll rather go back to Perth and play the courses there, as I'll enjoy the weather more. The greens are better, bunkers are better, but the standard of golfers are the same here and there...some good, majority shocking...that's the problem with public courses in Aus...they allow anyone to play...(without having being taught the basic fundamentals of ettiquete)...you MUST be a member of a club to play in Brunei, Singapore & Malaysia. No Card - No Play.

Other than that, I havent had the opportunity to play in other countries.

(BTW - Brunei, Singapore & Malaysia are neighbouring countries - so I'm not a globe trotter... smile.gif )


#3 chevychase


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Posted 16 October 2002 - 05:45 PM

Mau, Judge Smails,
I've played several times in Asia; specifically Bali & Phuket. The conditions in Phuket were severe. Probably 80% humidity and 35 degrees, with no wind. In Phuket I played Phuket Country Club and the Blue Canyon. Both were beautifully maintained and the caddies add an extra dimension. I found Bali to be less oppressive. I only played the Nusa Dua Contry Club, however it was very enjoyable. In my opinion the Asian courses lack a bit in terms of length, however their condition is immaculate. In terms of $, everything is in US$, which makes a round very expensive; then you're obliged to tip the caddies. I think Blue Canyon from memory was $120 US and Bali was $90 US. I think we're lucky in Australia that even the top courses aren't this expensive.

#4 cazandpaul


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Posted 17 October 2002 - 02:49 AM

Caz and I have played in Hawaii a fair bit but as above green fees in USD (50-100+) and the credit card hurts when you get home.

We have found most courses have twilight rates (after 1pm generally) and mostly you get around.

Can't wait to go back - most courses have magic ocean and island views.

The best hamburger we ever had was at Pukalani Country Club halfway up Mt Haleakala (dormant volcano) on Maui kicking back with a bottle of Bud.

Oh well, back to reality.


#5 pat



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Posted 22 October 2002 - 11:00 PM

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif I spent a month in Myrtle Beach, Sth Carolina, 2 years ago. (Played 22 courses). IT IS THE GOLF CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. There is over 110 courses in 100km stretch. Of the 22 I played the worst course would compare to Ocean Shores. There were so many different styles of courses. The cost was reasonable, averaging $35 - $40 US ,with carts. There were some great deals in the local paper like 3 rounds at Sea Trails (3 courses in one complex) for $89 US. The 3 courses were magnificent.

The most expensive part of the trip was airfares. It is a great place to visit, like the Gold Coast but 10 times bigger, and it is ideal to take the family, (so much to do), or like I did went with 3 mates. There are some huge golf stores there, imagine the biggest KMart your've been in full of golf gear. There is too much to type about the place, so if anyone wants further info email me, and I'd be glad to help you out.

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