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Nicol And Morris 6 Putting Performance Principles

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Posted 30 June 2020 - 04:43 PM

Gary Nicol and Karl Morris have a book out called The Six Putting Performance principles.

I mentioned this when I got it, and am starting a thread because I like it.

You can get a Kindle version from Amazon, I paid GBP 7.50, I think.

First, it is modern, written in 2018. Aside from the 6 principles, you get sections on all the latest wizardry like Puttview, Trackman, shot link, pro holing percentages versus distance, pitting surfaces and putter design according to Odyssey.

The book is not particularly well organised, but I can live with that.

I will post this to start the thread then add a post about the principles.

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#2 Devongolfer


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Posted 30 June 2020 - 05:10 PM

So, 6 principles. Right away, that is a big claim. Not 4, not 7. 6.

In a general sense, based on my many years of playing, I know you can be sloppy with putting and you can also get bogged down in technicalities. So, there is a sweet spot, a happy medium, to be found. It is up to Gary and Karl to make the case that their 6 are this optimum balance point.

So, without more introduction, the 6 are:

1: what is your story?
2: attention
3: two questions
4: pace is king
5: green reading
6: visualisation

1,2 and 6 are pretty familiar, but deserve to be on a short list of essential things. Create a positive narrative about your putting, be really present when you putt and try to visualise the putt.

I got more from 3,4 and 5.

Two questions: "Is it possible I could hole this putt?". "What does the ball need to do to go in the hole".

Pace is king. I disagree when holing out from 3 feet, line is king for those, imo, but in general, I needed this reminder. Does anyone recall my thread on "How to 4 putt"? That was me getting bogged down in worrying about the line. A second aspect of getting pace right is that they recommend using the feel of the right hand.

I believe this because some time ago, I switched to a links club where the greens are large and you also putt from off the green. I found my left hand low putting method lacked power, and switched to right hand low for these putts. I was very surprised at how well they worked for pace and line.

Also under Pace is King, you don't spend time with putting mirrors, chalk lines, line on the ball etc etc etc. All your practice is aimed at getting pace right. And you think only of pace when putting.

Green reading: here the advice is to read the putt from the low side, not from behind the ball. New idea for me.

Anyway, I don't want to throw away their publishing rights, anyone that is interested can cough up for a Kindle version.

But I reckon they make a pretty good case for their 6, and with just those 6 you get pretty good coverage of the different aspects of putting whilst avoiding getting bogged down in stuff that might actually make you worse.

If anyone gets it, I hope you like it too.
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Posted 30 June 2020 - 07:28 PM

Pace is King.

When people complemented Nicklaus on his putting he always replied that he was simply a very good 2 putter. 

Sam Snead would practice putting to the edge of the green rather than a hole.

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