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Right Shoulder Down Plane

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Posted 20 October 2020 - 01:07 AM

They had spiked the greens as part the autumn works, I reckon I must have had 40 putts today, so no good news as far as scoring is concerned. But that does not matter because I am still evaluating the latest set of swing ideas.

Still loving Mindy for driver. I get the feeling that the elbows are tied together, the Mindy grip, get the eyes lined up, then it is just a leg turn back and a leg drive through, pulling the club. Driver is perfect for Mindy and vice versa, imo. And it is starting to look like the full shoulder turn was the reason why I lost the feel for Mindy.

Hitting with the Elk right arm is also holding up. I think I hit one left today. One detail is that it seems essential to have extensor action, otherwise the left elbow can bend through impact, which leads to a poor shot.

Btw, I am not using the full 2,3 release with hitting, I do a Zach / Zen twist / Hogan supination with the left wrist to keep the face square to the path. So this is really a one barrel action, but it seems to go normal distance for me.

Both this Hitting and the Mindy method keep the face square to the path. Not one slice or hook all day. Pushes, yes, the odd pull also, but no hooks or slices.
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Posted 02 November 2020 - 05:06 PM

I think I now have the right shoulder going down plane. This is the first step towards an uncompensated swing, imo and following Lynn Blake's comment that "if you can't get the right shoulder down plane, nothing else matters much".

Very briefly, 4 things seem necessary for me to achieve this.

1: open feet and hips at setup, shoulders stay square
2: pelvis forward at setup
3: the shoulders "do nothing" as in no "full shoulder turn" winding up
4: eyes are square at setup and the right eye moves under the left on the downswing

I have no idea if this combination of ideas just works for me or whether anyone else on isg might find it useful.

The good news is that this is easy to test. Without a club, try these 4 then try what you normally do. Pay attention to what your right shoulder does. For me, it makes a big difference between an OTT right shoulder and a down plane right shoulder.

I think the first 3 are anatomical adjustments that help me overcome age related lack of flexibility. I think the eyes thing is a way to control the shoulders and prevent them following the line of my open stance.

We are just going into another lockdown, golf courses close from Thursday. It is also chucking it down with rain. Exactly what I needed just at the point I have finally cracked the right shoulder problem.
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Posted 10 November 2020 - 06:46 PM

I think I may have found the cure for my ‘lefts’. It’s all down to my pivot action. Up to date, I have had a tendency to keep my right leg, relatively straight on my backswing. This makes me prone to a reverse pivot and hence, a pull left.


I now bend my right knee, slightly inward on the backswing, keeping pressure on the inside of the right foot. I also bend my left knee, slightly outward, to the left. It feels a bit like I am doing the twist, as in the dancing action. Since I have started to do this action, I haven’t pulled a shot left. It has also given me a bit extra in distance as well.


I find this action is also better for my back and is less stressful for my body, as I turn my shoulders. At three score and ten, plus, I need to find ways to swing that minimize the stress to my back.

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