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Best Golf Putters

golf putters

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#31 RobNewy


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Posted 15 March 2019 - 04:17 AM

I had a putt with the new Odyssey Stroke Lab putters on wednesday.
Best feeling putter ive tried in qui yt e some time, and definitly the best Odyssey ever.

Now to sell some shiit and buy one

#32 Hawkers2015


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Posted 15 March 2019 - 01:08 PM

Considering its the most used club in the bag, and the club that can impact your score the most, some people don't put much thought into getting one.


Often I see people have a few putts with a couple of putters, and then just grab the one that sinks a few and hand over their hard earned.


Not many spend the time to work out what sort of putter actually would either suit, or not suit them.


Here's my thoughts on getting a new putter.


1. Work out what sort of natural putting stroke you have, straight back n straight thru, a slight arc, a moderate arc, a bloody big arc.


2. Know which type of putter suits what type of stroke. eg face balanced, slight toe hang, mid toe hang, a lot of toe hang etc.  (balance the shaft of the putter on a finger and see where the toe points to find out)


3. Armed with that knowledge, you can eliminate 80% of putters without even getting them off the rack.


4. Get into your normal putting position …. if the toe of the putter sits either up or down, get rid of it. (It should sit flat)


5. Does the grip feel the right thickness for you? (If not, get rid of it, or consider swapping grips to something that does feel right ..... if all the other criteria are met)


6. Do your hands rest comforably on the grip, eg, not up high or way down low on the grip? If not, get rid of it. (or chop or extend the club if all the other criteria are met)


7. Do the alignments marks on the putter make it easy for you to point it along the line you've chosen? If not, get rid of it. (eg, one dot, a short line, a long line, multiple lines, 2balls, etc, etc.)


8, When you putt with it …. does the putter provide the sort of feel / feedback you want, eg, hard, or soft feel etc. If not, get rid of it.


9. Does the putter roll the ball easily and smoothly …….. if not, get rid of it.


10. If you feel confident with it, and it feels like a 2nd skin, buy it ….. if not, keep looking. 


Just my thoughts ...  ;)


glad you didn't overthink it ...

#33 mrbluu


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Posted 15 March 2019 - 01:20 PM


Does anyone help me with What putter are you using right now? can I use this 2 putters?
  1.  Cleveland Golf Men`s TFI 1 Blade Putter Right 33 Inch
  2.   Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR 800 Putter 35 inches



Go get lessons and then a fitting....it's not that difficult!!!

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