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Fs: Skytrak Launch Monitor - Brand New

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Posted 26 August 2017 - 07:07 PM

Brand new, totally unused, received it a few days ago. Box however opened by customs.

Rare find in Australia because Skytrak don't have official dealers here, ship internationally or accept non-American credit cards. Even a Google search here reveals nothing.

I bought through Amazon because of their exceptional handling of warranties, which in the past I've found better than local if repair isn't done here (which Skytrak isn't).

I won't repeat specifications here as there's plenty of it online as they are very popular in the US. But some personal opinions from years I've had using probably about half the options up to $50k+ simulators such as the Golzon Real, Trugolf and FullSwings:
Should I get a Skytrak or something cheaper?
If you can afford it, get a Skytrak. If you can't, don't get anything as it'll frustrate you no-end when your drives go 30 metres shorter that real life and hook instead of fade. Things like Optishot and clip-on club analysers such as the R-Motion constantly have people complaining about them. Skytrak is the cheapest serious launch monitor - the league I'm a member of even won't even allow anything less in to keep competition accurate.
Should I get a Skytrak or something more expensive?
If money is no object, the ultimate in home golf simulators is the GC2 w/ HMT - which will cost about $20k in Australia. The GC2  w/o HMT is next best at about 3-4 times the price. An issue with GC2s however is their flash unit which needs replacement every 40,000 shots (many people do that in a year on simulators), and it's around $700.
Don't be tempted by the ES16 (yet) - looks great on paper, lovely company, but people are having huge issues getting it working accurately. Plus it's 3 times the price of a Skytrak.
Flightscope and Trackman - far more expensive both upfront and yearly subscriptions, need at least 18-20 feet for any indoor hitting space, poor compatibility with golf games. The great thing about Skytraks (and GC2s) at a range you can compare your shots, day after day, week after week because they only care how the ball is launched, eliminating temperature and wind effects. Radar units also suck at detecting putting and chipping. Also, do you really want a bank of radars powerful enough to track a golf ball 350 m away passing right through you?  I wouldn't use them, even if given for free.
How do I see my results?
Skytrak hooks up to PC, Android tablets/phones and iPhones/iPads. So typically at a driving range you use your phone/tablet. The unexpected bonus is the software is actually very good, not just to make the sales page look good.
How accurate is Skytrak?
It gets ball speed within 1 mph, backspin within 250 rpm, side spin 250 rpm which is more than adequate.
Here's a test vs the reputed king of accuracy, Trackman - http://www.skytrakgo...duct-comparison
And I thought this was a good unbiased review: 


Which golf games is SkyTrak compatible with:
Skytrak is compatible with the most game software out there:

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf (JNPG): the choice if your after realism, both in ball flight and course accuracy. Courses are build from 3d scans and the focus on the software has always been realistic bounces, check, breaks on greens,... There are 200+ courses, many famous courses, nearly all free with a couple of official courses costing around $5-$6 because of licensing costs. The game itsself will cost about USD35, but see the next section on ongoing expenses. JNPG also has a great course designer if you wish to design your local course to play.

The Golf Club 1 (TGC1) and 2 (TGC2) are equally popular, but more arcadey with ridiculous amounts of backspin sometimes. It boasts 200,000 courses but 99% are rubbish because the game has a 'one button' course creator. The game is more polished than Perfect Golf however - with deers on the fairway and more professional menus etc. Personally the lack of realism makes me quit it and only return to it if there's an update to give it another chance. The other big problem is you can't play live against other players and there's nothing better than 2 players playing another 2 live on Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, with voice.

E6 is probably the best as far as in-built game modes and is the most established software, but is getting old and lagging behind graphically. It's also more expensive. WGT you may have played online - courses are a sequence of photos but again you can't play live against other players. Creative Golf is another offering but getting too arcadey. 
Are there ongoing expenses?
Not if you just want to stick to Skytrak's driving range or take it to your own range. But you won't. Skytrak have $100/year Game Improvement Package which gives extra data that you'll be interested in. See it at http://www.skytrakgo...ame-improvement.
Simulator game software used to be extremely high priced on the assumption if you can afford a simulator, you can afford to pay big for the game. Skytrak changed that. Both JNPG and TGC will only cost you an ongoing USD250/year which might sound expensive, but you'll soon be agreeing it's the best value thing you pay for. The amount you spend of range balls will decrease dramatically.

Unlike the GC2, the Skytrak's flash never needs replacement.
Will it end up collecting dust?
All I can say is that if I introduce to the league I'm a member of, you'll likely never be able to play enough. Many guys are playing 2-3 hours a day and have done so for the last 1-2 years since JNPG was released for simulators. There are always daily 2 man scrambles/Ambrose events, plus more major events and ladders happening all the time. The people are from all around the world, super friendly and accepting, no-one's toxic, yet we all love to sledge each other. I can't say I've seen one negative experience yet.
Will my golf improve?
If you play courses and events, you bet, as you're always changing clubs like real golf, preventing the swing acclimatization you get at ranges where your body quickly works out how to correct subsequent shots. Plus you also get that nervousness where the shot counts which you don't get practicing. You'll be putting and chipping too.

If you just stick to a software driving range or take it to your real driving range, improvement will be slower but still much better than without the Skytrak. At least you get to learn why the ball sliced even with your in-to-out swing (no typo), rather than be misled by a lot of wrong info out there. You'll get to see if a change has made a difference to how far you drive, rather than trying to estimate if your shot just landed past the previous one lost amongst 1000 other balls. Plus the phone/tablet software will show you your dispersion patterns - how closely you're grouping your shots - and a tonne of other metrics.
Do I need a projector and screen?
No, many players line up their shot on the PC, then hit into a net. But there's nothing like a projector setup. You'll be look at $500-$1300 for a projector, $500-$1000 for an impact screen. The guys I play with aren't rich or anything, they just love this hobby and upgrade whatever they can when spare cash comes along.
Sure - I'm at Killcare in the Central Coast, NSW. Also happy to help you set it up if you do pickup. I'm hoping to have my range moved indoors and set up before this auction is finished so you'll be able to have a hit. 

Why selling?
Because I was after a second hand or broken one to open up and dissect (I'm an engineer) - hence warranty and condition weren't important to me. After 3 months I got sick of waiting so bought a new one. Then (of course) a few days later a guy on the simulator league tells me he has a spare.. So now I
have another one in transit somewhere over the Atlantic.

I'm hoping to not lose too much from what I paid, which is $3140 - so will accept $3000.  I have it listed on ebay starting at $2500 - but as soon as I get a bid on ebay, I'll have to indicate the unit is sold here. Ebay link is http://www.ebay.com....or/322682834131

If you miss out...

I still hope you buy one and join us online - we need more Aussies as online is flooded with Europeans and Americans. There's only two of us Aussies in the upcoming President's Cup.
If you wish to get one the same way I did, i.e. through Amazon, you'll need to use a shipping forwarder like I did as Amazon also don't ship this product to Australia. That's a good thing, as I thought USD38 was a great price for 4 day shipping and have heard shocking shipping prices by others trying to get the unit from the US. I also used a credit card without a international currency conversion fee (extra 2-3% = $60-$90). So it was USD1995 for the Skytrak, USD14 freight to Shipping Forwarder, 10% GST, 5% Customs, $48 4-day Fedex shipping, $50 insurance, $33 AQIS, $50 import dec.  Message me if you'd like some more details.


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