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Golf with pre-tax dollars

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#1 Jason



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Posted 26 April 2003 - 06:14 PM

Do You Travel or Would You Like To Travel?
How would you like to travel at a fraction of the regular price, enjoy perks, benefits and upgrades like never before, be able to travel anywhere tax deductible with pre-tax dollars while earning money at the same time? There is a travel program that makes all of this possible and much more!

The founder of this unique travel system is Lloyd Tomer. Lloyd was a pastor of a Christian church and principal of a Christian school. His wife was a major part of their ministry and his life. Unfortunately, at age 39 she died of cancer and left him at age 45 with two children. That year Lloyd earned $10,200. He needed to put his life back together and improve his income to raise his children. So he stepped aside as pastor and in 1980 entered the insurance business. He heard about a new insurance marketing program, A.L. Williams-now Primerica-which appeared to have potential. He got started, in his hometown of Benton, Illinois, worked hard and over the next eighteen years earned over $28 million dollars.

Five years ago Lloyd invested in a travel business but the original idea did not succeed. He bought out the other investors to try his own idea. A travel agency at that time, cost about $30,000 minimum to establish plus a five year contract with a $700 per month fee for the software and booking engines to book all types of travel. Most bricks and mortar type travel agencies over the past five years have gone out of business because airlines stopped paying commissions on plane tickets.

Witnessing this massive change in the $5 trillion dollar travel industry with business moving from the fixed location agencies to the Internet, Lloyd established a very professional Internet travel agency program to compete competitively with companies such as Travelocity, Excite, Orbitz and others. His company Your Travel Biz.Com enables anyone to have their own online travel agency and become a referring worldwide travel agent. The program includes:

· Travel agent credentials for two people
· A complete travel agent training system
· Your own worldwide travel business website complete with multi-million dollar booking engines that allow you to book travel anywhere and get paid commissions on that travel.
· Direct access to on going customer support with a toll free 800 number

More importantly it allows you and your family to travel at prices way below the best rates available at retail because you can now travel as a professional travel agent. Savings of half price or more are very common. Some examples include a $4,800 complete Hawaiian Island cruise vacation for two people, our cost $1,700 before commissions. A $300 hotel stay on the Italian coast for $125 including meals, or a $1,600 per week condo for only $450 per week and thousands of examples like these. In addition, as a travel agency business owner all travel can be made anywhere with pre-tax dollars that are tax deductible. This can take anyone’s current travel budget and provide two or three times as much travel for the same money. Would you rather take one trip or three trips for the same price as one?

This entire online travel agency program would cost tens of thousands of dollars for you to set up on your own. Now through Your Travel Biz.Com you can have your own online agency for only $49.95 per month plus a one time set up fee of $299.90 all of which can be tax deductible with no contract or long-term commitment. There is also a referral compensation system that pays substantial rewards for customer referrals. This alone can more than pay for the balance of all your travel expenses and much more. Does any of this interest you?
What is YourTravelBiz.com?
YourTravelBiz.com is an affordable on-line travel system that allows anyone the opportunity to own their own travel business and become a credentialed Referring Travel Agent. Your own Travel business is on the Internet with all the support systems you ever need. You or anyone you refer to your own travel website can book any type of travel at some of the very best prices available and you earn great commissions. A person can work from home, capture an exciting income plus develop the freedom and time to enjoy life.

You may want to build an online clientele by promoting your website or you may simply want to use your travel business for your own travel needs by traveling at special rates, enjoy perks as a travel professional and the other great benefits and savings this provides. Or do both, it is entirely up to you.

Your travel, however, will not be at the retail prices shown on your website. Instead as a travel agent you will book direct with the facilities or cruise ships at prices that usually average less than half the best retail prices.

These are just some of the features and benefits of owning the YTB Business Package:
· Become a Referring Travel Agent (RTA)
· Receive the RTA Travel Reference Manual and on-line training
· Receive RTA Credentials for both you and your partner
· Have access to a toll free 800# for travel services for you or your clients.
· Enjoy many Personal perks as a Referring Travel Agent
· Your own Personalized Travel Business website to promote your travel business and book travel sales 24/7. Customers access all the major travel search engines direct from your website.
· Save $$$ on travel by traveling as a professional agent and get discounts of usually 50% or more.
· Enjoy a better quality of accommodations at better prices when you travel.
· Develop the confidence and access of a Travel Professional.
· Enjoy many of the special benefits enjoyed by full-time travel professionals such as upgrades or complementary benefits!
· Become a source of travel knowledge and savings to the people you know!
· Receive discounts for attractions and access to places you never thought were even available such as FAM trips. These are familiarity promotional trips that many resorts, hotels and cruise ships offer around the world specifically to travel agents. They provide first class treatment and full access to every area of their facilities, so as to familiarize the travel agents with their property. Their goal is that the visiting travel agents will recommend their facilities to their own clients. These trips are offered to you as a Referring Travel Agent at a minimal cost.

You receive all of this for $49.95 per month and a one time set up fee of $299.90

But there is more!
There is also a referral compensation system available to you.

Ø Recommend this outstanding YTB Program to others who like to travel, want to be in the travel business, or want to make money. You can earn substantial referral commissions, bonuses, as well as ongoing residual income just by telling others about yourTravelBiz.com. People that travel particularly want this program once they hear about it. Review the explanation of the unique and copyrighted referral compensation system. There is no cost to take advantage of this!

For more information visit www.traveladvantage.biz or call Jason Hulvey 859-271-5744

#2 Courty


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 07:16 PM

You've got to be kidding...

#3 bazzman



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Posted 26 April 2003 - 08:38 PM

I don't think he is...lol laugh.gif

#4 Ben


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 08:54 PM

this is a SPAM FREE ZONE!

#5 jarro


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Posted 26 April 2003 - 09:06 PM

what the?!?!? :evil:

#6 jeanmc



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Posted 27 April 2003 - 12:56 AM

Jason Hulvey 859-271-5744

does it even apply here...what country is that number for?!?!?

hands up for those who read it from start to finish?!?!? :mrgreen:

#7 joe


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Posted 27 April 2003 - 01:53 AM

Firstly, can we trust anyone with the name Jason ?

I think that number is for Uganda 8O

#8 judgesmails


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Posted 29 April 2003 - 03:06 AM

He must be the same guy who keeps sending me e-mails telling me a distant relative died and aall I need to do is put 6 grand in an account and before long I will be rich...

mau, i was waiting for the punchline and stopped reading.

#9 scorpiochick


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Posted 29 April 2003 - 04:32 AM

Jason...don't let the guys on this site bag you out...your post is (I am sure) VERY legitimate! sad.gif 8O And I am (naturally) a well informed individual on this site. :wink:

I don't think you mentioned golf once in the body of your pathetic post (a lot like my usual posts! LOL) and it sounds like a big fat ****.

Go and find some other suckers on some other Forums... (BTW, do you take AMEX...? If not, I can pay cash up front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

#10 henry


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Posted 29 April 2003 - 04:43 AM

This post has been up for 10 1/2 hrs, and STILL HASN'T BEEN DELETED!

#11 reg320


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Posted 29 April 2003 - 05:12 AM

My mortgage document is shorter than Jason's post!!!! 8O

#12 jeanmc



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Posted 29 April 2003 - 09:09 AM

He must be the same guy who keeps sending me e-mails telling me a distant relative died and aall I need to do is put 6 grand in an account and before long I will be rich...

I don't spose that it was a relative in Nigeria?!?!?
there's the usual crap about money stashed away in a bank becoz of company law changes or what have you, and the relative one you mentioned...

but they usually ask for a company letterhead...why... :roll:

#13 naragah


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Posted 01 May 2003 - 04:37 AM

please take your post elsewhere :arrow:

#14 tommyspencer


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Posted 02 May 2003 - 01:30 AM

wish i had read the following posts before i got halfway through that ****.

I am an accountant and therefore naturally interested in anything pre-tax.

HE GOT ME :oops:

Someone save the rest of us the trouble of reading this shite and remove it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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