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#1181826 Congratulations Bowdo (RTL) heading to The Masters!!

Posted by Rtl on 31 March 2014 - 05:35 PM

Thanks for all the support guys!! I'm stoked.. Hope everyone had a good weekend on the links too!!
Cheers rtl
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#1287693 Sub Par At Last

Posted by K K Kenny on 13 November 2014 - 02:18 PM

don't mind my self indulgence but after 26 years of club golf I have finally achieved one of my holy grails and shot a sub par round. Went around Taree today in 68 (par 70).


Actually didnt think i hit it that great, but managed to miss the greens in the right spots, avoid trouble and sunk a couple of putts, I only hit 7 greens in reg but was close enough to another 5 to be putting birdie from off the green.Only sunk 2 good putts ( around 8-10m mark) and probably only 4 over 1m all day but only had 22 putts for the round, including only 7 putts for the last 8 holes when the nerves were starting to jingle a bit.


ecstatic with the round even if I didnt mange to get a win lol. I had 45pts and 51 in the fourball but one of my mates playing later in the day had 46 and 52 in the fourball. Oh well, i should win the scratch and possibly runner up. still can't take the smile off my face though


Now just have to have a hole in one and i can die happy

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#1129072 What a start to 2014

Posted by welly01 on 02 January 2014 - 10:47 AM

G,day guys an happy new year to. All
Well it's been about 16 yrs since I started playin golf and yesterday whilst playing the vines I got my first ever .. Hole in one : )))

Came to the hole no 8 .. 152 mtr .. Been having a long struggle with my irons but just lately I have been getting them out and putting a bit of effort into them again .. I pulled out a seven iron which is normally 2 clubs lower than I would have hit before but I thought sod it give it some.. And away it went ..started out right .. Came back with a slight draw, landed on green at which point my eyes failed me .. Then the guys I was playing with just erupted ..lol .. I still didn't believe it and thought maybe it was just out of site .. But nah it was definatly in the hole !!!!
I wouldn't have forgotten that in a hurry ,, but New Year's Day .. What a freakin start : ))
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#1337723 The Elusive Hio - Conquered

Posted by HitNhope on 27 February 2015 - 06:57 PM

My sweetest moment in golf.


Course:-   Royal Rosnay

Hole:-       157M 13th

Club:-       5 Iron


Playing in the Open Comp with Zookeeper.  He blasts an 8 iron straight down the guts nice and high as he does.  Lands in middle of green and stops around 10ft from hole.  


I step up with my 5 iron expressing my disdain at his length with an 8 iron. The strike is pure, one of those ones where you feel it come off the club face, but don't necessarily hear it,  Nice little fade into mid green, bounces over Zookeepers ball and runs toward the flag which is at the back of the green.  We lose sight of the ball and I hear this faint metal 'tink'.  I turn to Brad and simply exclaim,.  "That's in the farkin hole!!"  He smuggly suggest it has gone through the back.


As we could not see the bottom of the flag until about 70 metres out, it wa a big BOOYAHHH and a quick, "Get that up ya" no sign of the ball and was not on the bank at the back of the green.  She layed comfortably nestled at the bottom of the cup.  A great feeling.


Zooey has photo's, just need him to upload them.


My one regret...... I had used up the Vision 808's I had in the bag whilst I was down the Sth Coast only getting back yesterday arvo,   Did not restock the bag, so the lucky ball was a previously loved Srixon Q star, which was one of only 3 old balls I had left in my bag.    Sorry BOZ. 

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#1308698 Best Day On Course Ever

Posted by GolfingMug on 26 December 2014 - 06:55 PM

No, I didn't win the comp. I played with my 10 year old son in his very first comp game. He had 26 points off his 36 handicap. Very proud father.
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#1537556 The Home Of Pure Goldy

Posted by Goldy on 14 January 2017 - 07:44 AM


more later ...:-)
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#1483974 Chook 'scratch Golfer' Norris

Posted by Chook Norris aka L4G on 14 May 2016 - 07:05 PM

I did it.....scratch golfer :)  Yippeeeeeeeeeeee.  Thought I was going to screw the pooch after being 2 over after 3 today but I got it back and ended up with a score good enough to help me reach a golfing goal.  I am really pumped :):):):)


I did have a trackman session on Tuesday and it showed a significant swing flaw that I need to fix.  Hope it will bring more consistency.


Attached File  Scratch.JPG   67.76KB   8 downloads


Next goal....10 :)

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#1196836 Anzac Day...this Is My Story

Posted by BumpunGrind on 25 April 2014 - 09:52 AM

My Grandfather fought in Papua New Guinea as a signalman mainly out of Port Moresby. He safely returned, but never told us any stories. As a school kid I would march in the parades with his medals, but could never appreciate the magnitude of why.


My story starts in 2006.


This is from the Dawn Service at Bomana. 


In November 2005 I was with my mate at a pub and four schooners in he tells me he is booked to go and do the Kokoda Track for Anzac Day next year. There and then I made the call and booked and paid for my trip while still hungover the morning after.

I trained as hard as I could for those 6 months, I didn't drink any alcohol, trained at the gym and went for hikes with my fully laden back pack. I thought I was ready.


We arrived in Port Moresby on the 16th of April and flew into Kokoda airstrip the day before we took off on the walk. 

The first day was hard, walking hours at a time with a belting stitch, barely being able to hold a conversation with the person next to you. My first thoughts were the humidity and how damn wet it was. 

In the lead up to leaving Dad had said to me a few times, he would pay for a porter because carrying my bag would be too hard. I wasn't having a bar of that at all.

Day two, all I could hear was Dad's voice saying it would be too tough, this voice got me through what was my far and away toughest day. I set my tent up and crashed, no dinner, no post-day run down. I was genuinely stuffed, mentally and physically. I lay in the tent with a fever, uncontrollable shakes, the thirsts and a banging head-ache.

In saying that I had a great sleep and woke up really newly refreshed.


Day three was a long walk but saw us go through the Isurava Memorial.



The trek, if you can at all say got better, it seemed to really feel something more emotional and special. Each and every hour was painful, but it didn't feel painful anymore. It is impossible to explain how high up each mountain was and how far down each gully was. The downs were as tough on the legs than the ups.


The downs meant we were walking to a gully, often another river crossing



On our walk we went North to South, the way the Japanese came so we could finish at Ower's Corner, at this time Channel 7's Sunrise team were walking the other direction. It was day four we heard word we would pass them. Of the three of them, Kevin Rudd was in the front of their pack. He was more tahn happy to say G'Day to each and every one who he passed. 

I think very keen for a spell I got photos with both Joe Hockey and David Koch.



Day 5, Day six was walking and lots of it.






Before the start of my walk I taped up my feet in all the possible hot spots, some invaluable advice I'd received. Mt feet were ridiculously sore after the 6th day, but with two more walking days to go I thought I would change the tape and put a new lot on .. found this


if you look carefully, you can see another crater forming under the original blister.


The day morning was special, we woke up in pain, aching, tired but excited.

As a group we stopped about 30 minutes shy of the end for a last break and feed before we made our way to the 'finish line' 

The gates at Ower's Corner still have the most profound effect on me and for those who have met me might have seen my sticker on my arm, it is of the most special few bits of timber I have ever seen and felt



That night we had beers and rums and lots of them.

we went to bed about 3am with needing to get up at 4 to head on a truck to the Bomara War Cemetery, I honestly cannot remember much of what was said at the service, but tingles and feelings that are impossible to define.


This is my Anzac Day story



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#1159647 Observations of a caddy at the Australian Open

Posted by Takeitasread on 16 February 2014 - 07:26 PM

I just thought people might be interested in my observations of this week's Open as a caddy. By way of background, I play off about 4, but would be lucky to play once a year. I played with a forum member named Russ a few years ago at Eastern but have got out about once since then. I have caddied for an Australian who played on the European tour (a lovely girl), a South Korean and then an international player this week ranked about 100 in the world (also a lovely young girl). I thought the course was terrific and better than I remembered it. The greens were probably a touch slow and bumpy but plenty of putts were still holed.

We practiced on Monday and Tuesday on the course then just hit the driving range on Wednesday due to the fact it was pro-am day. Her coach shadowed us every step of way. It was obvious this girl (22 or 23) could play, even though it was just her second tournament on the LPGA tour. She told me she needed no help reading the greens, and after half an hour I knew why. Every putt seemed to have a chance, no matter the distance. I would have just been a hindrance and added nothing. She was quite powerful, even though relatively short, with a solid athletic physique. She could drive the ball roughly 260-265 yards (no metres here) and everything had just a slight draw. Solid irons and I loved the fact she used the 57 degree for virtually every shot under 100 yards (no decisions there!).

The sand belt is notoriously windy, but Thursday and Friday (and Saturday for that matter) were dead calm and just made for scoring. We (and I use the term "we" loosely because technically I didn't hit a single shot) played pretty solid golf with no major dramas. When you can hit 15 greens and can putt (not even close to a 3 putt yet), you're going to be under par. A couple of 50 footers in round 2 don't hurt either. Six under at the half way mark and tied for 12th - all good.

Round three starts with a five. Not good on what is in reality a tough par 3. A few crooked tee shots on the front nine and we explore some new areas of the course. She worked hard and really ground it out when it clearly wasn't her best ball striking day. Eventually got it around in 71 to move to 7 under. I'm proud of her effort, because others may have not toughed it out. No major harm done, but back to tied for 16th.

Sunday dawned with rain and wind. Damn, I hate both of them. Both are a caddie's worst nightmare. A great warm up but I haven't seen her on course in the wind as yet. The first is straight down wind with the flag deep on the right. Great, I think. In the first couple of rounds she has short sided herself on the left, but now is the chance to go just short or again into the left bunkers for a much more straight forward shot. She grabs the 5 wood - perfect I tell myself. Then at the last minute, she grabs the 4 iron. Oh-o. (Did I also mention she picks her own clubs? This was almost the first thing she told me when we met Monday). She is probably right 16 out of 18 but not this one. A poor swing and into the bunkers on the right. Sigh. Short sided and a 60 metre bunker shot. Just once can we make 3 to start??? In the end it was a tough day at the office, but again she ground out it out when she could have chucked it in. Just one of those days.

I will watch her progress over the coming year with great interest. One of the other caddies told me on Monday she was "the real deal" and I suspect he was correct.
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#1561586 Community Service Announcement

Posted by lord of the river on 30 May 2017 - 10:51 AM

Hi all, it's Dean aka Codboy here. I feel compelled to talk about this in the hope it may help and perhaps save someone's health.

There is a very select few who are aware my beautiful wife Janette was diagnosed with breast cancer last September, she's gone through surgery, chemo and radiation and has completely recovered. I haven't worked since so i can nurse her through, it was the darkest period of my life. special thankyou to Rob Hardy for his guidance at the start, it was invaluable help and appreciated more than i can convey mate.

I'm doing this because as blokes we're oblivious to our health and just ignore signs our bodies are telling us. Janette plays golf and like all of us we have our aches and pains, she had a sore side for several weeks like a dull pain, she just assumed it was a strain. I nagged her to go to the doctor, next day she had breast cancer. It was grade 3 and very aggressive.

As the medics we had to get to our home during chemo said 'just ring us, nobody has ever died of embarrassment '

So please listen to your body, it may be trying to tell you something is up.

Cheers and beers
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#1553396 How did you all play this weekend?

Posted by GhettoGolfer on 15 April 2017 - 01:30 PM

Played off 15 at Sunshine today.

+6 and missed out on breaking 80 by 1 shot today.

37 and 43.

8 fairways
32 putts with 2x3 putts

Had about 5 putts just lip out. Soooooo close to beating my pb of 80.
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#1520360 2016 Iseekgolf Nationals Oct 20-25 Melbourne (Registration)

Posted by Birdie Killer on 25 October 2016 - 12:06 PM

I got home very late last night after playing 36 holes on Monday and got dragged into meetings at work the minute I got into the office today, which clearly brought me back to reality.

Well, the weekend passed like a dream for me, so let have some flashbacks before reality (read work and kids) get the better of me.


Friday at Keysborough: great par 73 course, I felt par 5 holes came rather often (I liked it).

Thanks Koioom for the local knowledge, thanks Ghetto for lunch, never had Vietnamese rolls on golf course before, and gentle and smiley Schmucko, always good to see your face.

And the weather, WTF!! It was soaking wet and coooooold, I was long for the hand warmers which I never thought we ever need for playing golf, Ghetto and I finished the second 9 with bare hands. We all shivering toward the end.

We often said to each other: ‘Im happy to go back to the club house for a beer if you’ll go’, but we somehow managed to finished the round.

We all wanted to get out of the rain and have a cold one in club house but when I loaded my golf gears back into the car I found I had a flat tyre, WTF, that was the last thing I want now, I had to stay another 30 minutes in the rain to get the tyres changed before it gets dark and almost missed the presentation.

Good signs for team NSW as we cleaned up the prizes through 2Putts, Flog, The Commish, Peppas, Zooey and especially magnificent Dr Nick!

Congrats to Weeti on his first ever eagle!!

Thanks wOzz, Mouldy and the gang at Keysborough for organising this round with extremely ‘practical’ prizes.


Saturday at St Andrew Beach: wow, what a course! I had a goose bum standing on the first tee looking down on the course, this is my favourite course on the Nationals weekend even playing through the sh!te weather, we had sunshine, rain, hail, gust and cold during play.

Played with Peppas, Itchy and Hagler, thanks guys for great company and catch up.

It’s a pleasure to see good players like Itchy and Hagler hitting the ball, Hagler played well, his 35 points only lost on the count back to the eventual Day 1 and L4G trophy winner Robnewy, Congrats Rob!!


National putting comp was held before the Gala dinner, Oz thought he had it until Pigskin snatched the winner in the very last minute.


Gala dinner was as great as ever, lots of laugh, banter and catching up. We then drew for Day 2, my name came out very last, so I was in the last group 3 days in a row.


Sunday at the Dunes, another magnificent course, windy and cold condition and especially the alcohol from the Gala dinner clearly affect many players’ scores.

Thanks my playing partners GPJ_Longdriver for the course knowledge and Ink for great company.

I played well by stick to my handicap and no wipes, no 3 putts (although there was a 4 putter) helped, scored 41 points and won day 2 and overall.

Team NSW won 2016 SOO title!!!


Monday, playing 36 holes at Yarra Yarra and Woodlands another 2 quality courses.

Finally the sun came out and stayed around for a change.


Thanks to my playing partners Tolla8, Mouldy and Benny (sorry, I didn’t get your avatar name) for Yarra Yarra round

Mouldy got an eagle and Benny won 2nd prize with 33 points.

Congrats to Flog on winning this round with 36 points.


Played with Zooey, Flog and Jimini, thanks guys for great company. This made Jimini and I played together in each and every ISG Nationals I attend (3 years so far). I won second prize with 33 points.

Congrats to Weeti for winning this round with 37 points with another eagle.


To wrap up the weekend on my personal side:

Drop 1.3 shots on the handicap, making total drop of 5.6 shots since beginning at the year

First ever non-wipe round at the Dunes

Won SOO with team NSW

Won day 2 Main event at the Dunes and 2016 ISG Nationals Champion title.

Possibly the greatest come back in ISG Nationals history so far, winning the title with 26 points in day 1??

Possibly highest point scored (41 points) in ISG Nationals Main events??

But the greatest accomplishment of all was to catch up with the old ISGers and meet the ‘new’ faces that I only know on the forums, it’s nice to put the faces to the names! Love ya all!


A great thanks to organising committee and all the helpers who did a marvelous job to make yet another successful Nationals: Madam, ‘Glody’, Weetie, Barnesy, Ms. Oz (for all the assistant at registration and presentation), Meagan (for the photos) and many others….

Thanks all the sponsors for the generous prizes.

And special thanks to Schmucko and Dr. Nick who shared their accommodation with me.


Now, it’s over and we will start to count down for 2017 Nationals very soon.

See you all in Sydney next year.


P/s: the jacket fits me very well, have a look at the pics



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#1520209 2016 Iseekgolf Nationals Oct 20-25 Melbourne (Registration)

Posted by Weetbix on 24 October 2016 - 06:17 PM

Another great day - my first playing 2 rounds at 2 different courses

Loved Yarra Yarra - just stunning

Liked Woodlands too - bit more natural - although navigating with one of the fancy cart management systems was a pain!

However it made up for it by giving me my second ever eagle! 8i chip in on the par 5 18yh from about 40m!

Woo Hoo! 30+ years with none and then 2 in a week!
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#1473680 How did you all play this weekend?

Posted by koiom K. Asterisk* on 02 April 2016 - 05:32 PM

Stroke MM today
Nett 70 (par 73)
1 three jab
Threw a disappointing quad in there too.
Best MM round I've had for ages.


I do believe I just won my first ever MM
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#1335512 So ......... 3 Times Would Make It A Hat-Trick?

Posted by GPJ_Longdriver on 22 February 2015 - 11:55 AM

So ......


During yesterdays comp round up at Beacy, I hit an 8 iron on the short par 3, 6th hole (130m), and came up about 5 metres short of the flagstick.


So with the tee markers in the same position this morning, but a slightly stiffer breeze into our faces, I teed the ball up about a club length behind the markers, and "clubbed up", to my all time favourite "Par 3" club .......... my Mizuno MP68 7 iron.


With the breeze blowing pretty much directly into us, I aimed a metre left of the pin location, which was mid right half of the green today, and played for the tiniest of draws.


I managed to hit down on the back of it nicely (I've been working on that of late), with just an easy swing, and got a nice bit of zip on the ball as it flew on a fairly low flight that just curled a tiny fraction rightwards, as it honed in on the flagstick.


Sadly because its uphill to a raised green, we lost sight of the ball as it landed very close we figured.


A short stroll up the pathway, and yep, in, it had gone!!


So that would make it, lets see now ............... my 3rd Hole In One ..........


All of them have been on the very same hole, and all of them with the same Mizuno MP 68 7 iron. (Two with TM Lethals, todays was with a Titleist NXT Tour)


As one of regular playing partner has often reminded me  ........ "I don't know why you ever hit any other club on that hole" ...... :D



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#1231978 Shots To Remember

Posted by GPJ_Longdriver on 29 June 2014 - 03:50 PM

The best golf shot I ever saw (It was a playing partners ) .......... was about 20 years ago now (Geez time flies)


It was the middle of winter and silly us, were playing up at Olinda in the snow.


Channel 9 cameras turned up just as we had finished our round, and they wanted a snippet of these crazy guys playing in the snow, to add to their nightly weather forecast etc........ so they sent us back down the fairway of the 18th about 100m from the green and asked us to hit approach shots so they could film em landing on the green.


So the camera guy goes and sets up some 15m behind the green and then waves to us to hit up as he zooms into the green.


Anyway 2 of us hit up, and I think mine made the green, the other didn't, and then the last of our trio hits up.


He catches his PW a little bit thin though .......... and his icy golf ball ,flies the green completely, and strikes the camera guy fairly and squarely right in the codpiece.


Down goes the camera off his shoulder and it bounces off the hard snow, and the guy drops to his knees, then falls face forward into the snow amidst a deep guttural moan of pain.


Never seen a funnier, more accurate golf shot than that one ........ and I doubt that I ever will. :)

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#1116483 Proud

Posted by BROWNMAN on 10 December 2013 - 09:59 AM

Last night I was awarded N.E.M (national emergency medal) along with 80 other CFAers........thought I would share.....NEM is the Gold one..for the ,09 fires.Makes one a bit chuffed.


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#1520169 2016 Iseekgolf Nationals Oct 20-25 Melbourne (Registration)

Posted by GhettoGolfer on 24 October 2016 - 02:52 PM

WOW – what a weekend.


Usual thanks goes out to those that work long and hard behind the scenes to deliver such an amazing event! Just need you guys to conspire with the weather gods to look favourably upon us for next year!


Big thumbs up to those that had the extreme misfortune to share a round with me:


That’s you Flog55, Commish and M-Oldy@ the Frog, where it blew its **** off and we barely made it out of there with our pride intact.

The Schmuck always smiling and just being awesome , Birdiekilla – this way his name has more of a gangsta feel to it, and Koiom (whom also had double duties as my roomie) – what an awesomely wet and cold day on the flood plains of Keysie.

Battled the elements again at St Andrews Beach with Ozbear – buy a jumper damn you, Yougottahitit – was that an air swing, and Jiminy – buy a knee extension, but damn you play good golf!

Finished off on Sunday at the Dunes with almost the same foursome as the Frog and swapped out the gentle giant naga Commish for Dj dwarf.


The best part for me was making the new/old friends with guys from this forum that we have seemingly gotten to know over the years, but have never known until this weekend. Its amazing how ISG has grown beyond a mere internet forum, and has morphed into a full blown community. The gala was a definite stand out for me, watching everyone wash away the dust of the day with their preferred beverages,  which paved the way for a very interesting ‘round the world intro and provided everyone with a platform for random cat calls, comical interjections, laughs and more laughs. It almost turned into a real life roast for everyone that stood up!


Also big apologies as my mouth has a tendency to run away from me, not as bad as Peaksy but pretty sure that it gets similarly annoying. Also sorry that Beeffonn Max couldn’t make it – hope you shrivel with envy reading all the posts and seeing the pics!


I am a lock in for the 2017 Nationals fuggers beware!



Peppas/BirdieKilla/Trol/Ghetto/Fairwaybomber/Beeeefffff (whilst not quite Asian, the XXXS condom fits so gets an honourable mention) 

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#1187593 The longest travelling ball...we will create it

Posted by Rtl on 10 April 2014 - 12:55 AM

It is dry boys!! Boo hit it on 12 I hit it 16.. Got pic and video... All good.. Who do you want to sign it?
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#1118808 Mindless post count gathering wrecking ISG???

Posted by FrontBunker on 13 December 2013 - 09:30 AM

I’ll probably get shot down and chewed out by all the people who wear a high thread count as a badge of honour (for some reason) but I’m absolutely over the amount of completely mindless cr@p and worthless one word or simple requote kind of posts that some people insist on polluting the site with, designed wholly and solely to beef up ones post count. Two examples of what I’m talking about here, or this one which started off being at least a healthy discussion before just being over run with about 16  pages of absolute tripe.

Any valuable/interesting content that turns up on the site is usually pretty much swallowed up by these sort of posts.


I hate wading through pages and pages of totally worthless rubbish on at (the very) least 50% of all threads, to the point where I don’t even bother looking at most threads any more. Basically I’m pretty rapidly being turned off the site (I know this won’t bother anyone).


I find it hilarious that a lot of the regulars ark up whenever they sniff a ‘troll’, for fear the site might become over run with something of minimal value (or whatever the reason people fear ‘trolls’) but they’re happy to just clog the site up with this kind of mindless 5h!t.


Anyway, just my feedback. I eagerly await the imminent backlash.

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