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Swing Mechanics Without Athletic Ability

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Posted 13 July 2018 - 06:15 PM

100% agree with Zen's point about OTT. One, out of maybe 7 different pro's I went to, said exactly that. If a buddy of mine who was OTT came to me for advice, I would not dream of pointing him to TGM or Hardy, I would say exactly that, stick with OTT amd focus on short game, course management and so on.

Years ago I had a thread "single figures wothout swing mechanics" talking about how, if your goal is a lower handicap, working on swing mechanics is not the way to go if you have a repeating pattern of any sort.

We are agreeing violently on that, Zen.

Don't forget that I have played for 45 years and managed to "heave and hold off" my way to 6 handicap.

I have said this before in other thread, but I need to explain this here. At the point I had reached 6 with lousy ball striking, I basically felt there was nothing left to interest me in golf. All I could see was round after round dinking it round the course, more or less the same every time.

The only thing I had was this unanswered question, how do you hit a golf ball properly? I decided that this was an interesting project. By this point, I had given all the local teaching pros a good go. So, I decided:

1: regardless of handicap going up, my remaining golf career was going to be about ball striking
2: I was going to own my own learning process. Take advice, sure. Search for resources, definitely. But plot my own course, run my own experiments, make my own decisions. My project.

A bit more in a mo.

This guy talks about one of the causes of over the top at about the 50sec mark. 



I recall a quote from Ben Hogan saying that the perfect golf swing is pretty close to missing the ball.


Your focus on ball striking could be contributing to coming over the top because one of the best ways to improve ball striking is to come over the top. Shallowing the swing improves ball flight but it also increases your chances of topping it or hitting it fat. 

I'm very right brained and can change my action just with certain "feels". I lose distance when I try to hit it "hard" because my swing becomes steeper. I can shallow my swing by imagining a softer impact even though I'm swinging the club really hard. One of my best games was with a hangover. (unfortunately the adrenaline takes over and I like to hit it hard :wacko: ) I hit lob shots by imagining a slice and I hit bump and runs by imagining top spin on the ball. All these different feels change the way I deliver the club to the ball.

Titliest spend a lot of their research dollars on the sound of a shot and their research shows that players often confuse sound with feel. 

There are 3 things that influence the golf shot. What your body will allow you to do, what your equipment will encourage you to do and what you think you have to do.

The thinking is the most difficult to assess. The over the toppers might think they have to hit hard, the back footers might be thinking they have to scoop the ball up etc.

Has anyone addressed what is going on upstairs?

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