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Stix's Foray Back To The Great Game

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 08:54 PM

Well back into golf after 3 years off with a Leave of Absence.  My last competitive round was June 2014, finished on a handicap of 17, after getting down to 12 a year prior.


Over the last 12 month period prior to the LOA, it blew out, understandably while we were dealing with the wife's health problems - a clear mind is a must for this game!


So, ended the LOA in late February this year and booked in for a lesson program with the local Pro.....wow, it's amazing how much damage you can do to your golf game, whilst perusing all the youtube videos on everything from set up, to how to add distance to the "right" way to swing


After one lesson, actually the first 10 mins, I relaised how far I'd gotten away from the basic of my set up, after a couple of adjustments to grip, posture and set up.....I felt like a busted crab standing over the ball, it felt so uncomfortable.......I was used to feeling comfortable in the few times I'd venture to the range or course.......and of course playing terrible, terrible golf because of it!


So played a couple of comps in March, but whilst getting back to the "right habits" not the comfortable habits, I was terribly inconsistent, too many thoughts going through my head, so last couple of weeks I've been focusing more on practice and only an occasional 9 holes to take the things I've been working on for a test drive.


It's actually getting easier to not think about what I have to do now, that I've been practicing a consistent pre-shot routine and setting up correctly, so form that side of this process, I feel like I'm making progress.  There are still signs of my bad shots.......... the pull or duck hook with the driver - mainly from fatigue, it amazing how physical 18 holes can be when your early-40's and not done a hell of a lot for 3 years!!!


Anyway, down the range today for a bucket and a half of balls and hit maybe a dozen or so bad shots, half of those absolutely terrible - thin or hooks - which tells me I'm swaying and not swinging the club by moving my torso mainly....


Playing tomorrow in a Stableford at the local and looking forward to it after today's session.



In Summary:

My Aim - Initially is to play better than bogey golf, then moving toward low-teens by mid-late winter, then hopefully getting back into A-Grade (12 hcp and less) by Spring


Working on:

 - Set Up (correct grip, hand position and good posture)

 - Swinging the club with the big muscles (By turning the body, limiting the wrist movement) and as a result stay centered and cover the ball i.e. no swayingmovements

 - Consistent and deliberate takeaway and not rushing the through swing to a balanced finish

 - Distance Control, knowing my distances

 - PreShot Routine/Method(PSR)  - Nick O'Hearn's Tour Mentality book is a ripper



This may seem a lot to work on, but really the can be practiced in the structure of your PSR, step in take your grip, place club in, step into posture, check alignment and set up - all deliberately, check, next think "deliberate and full" as swing thought , by swinging back slowly and deliberately and then turning with body and then through to a "full" balanced finish....so it's a process as opposed to discrete stages/segments, they can be put into place all at once.


The Distance control and knowing my distances is on the back of the Skytrak launch monitor session in the back yard and down the range and interestingly, luck I've been doing this consistently, as I've added an extra club in length on all my irons, now that I'm getting a more consistent strike on the ball - whereas before the lessons I had on set up and posture, I was hitting weak fades.....so now have my CARRY distances and TOTAL distances written down on the back of my Scorecard holder


Not only do I have the distances of each club on the scorecard holder, I also have the course "game plan", where I've got the clubs I'll be looking at using on each hole, to give me the best chance to beat the HCP. i.e. instead of Drive on the 1st, take 3W to get into position, means slightly longer 2nd shot, bu I shouldn't be behind a tree or on the 18th fairway !!


Also I have the following written below the distance and game plan : PSR (D&E) PT M&A, which stands for:


PSR - Pre-shot Routine = (D)ecide what shot is required (club, swing, aie etc) then (E)xecute by taking correct set up and posture and then taking a deliberate and full swing at a (P)recisie (T)arget...........then if hit a good shot (M)ove on and do it again, or...........hit a poor shot an (A)ccept it - they happen - and go and do it again...This is on the back of reading Nick O'Hearns Tour Mentality book...


I guess a lot of those that read this will raise an eyebrow about all that stuff I'm working on and they are probably the lucky ones that just go and play Golf, for me I hope there are a couple others that might be in the same boat that read this and take something out of it.  Golf is an individual sport and there are so many ways to play, this is just me figuring it all out again !!


Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow..... 36pts is the aim 

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 09:35 PM

Good luck and enjoy
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Posted 14 April 2017 - 11:19 PM


After one lesson, actually the first 10 mins, I relaised how far I'd gotten away from the basic of my set up, after a couple of adjustments to grip, posture and set up.....I felt like a busted crab standing over the ball, it felt so uncomfortable.......I was used to feeling comfortable in the few times I'd venture to the range or course.......and of course playing terrible, terrible golf because of it!




SO, sounds like me, especially the "busted crap" ...


Good luck tomorrow.

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 04:33 AM

Welcome back to the game buddy, hope things on the personal front is doing well for you.

Just try and enjoy the game for now and remove scoring expectations and the pressure that it brings. You are working on the path to improvement again so enjoy the journey and just let the score be the score for a while, until you bed down those new swing thoughts.
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Posted 15 April 2017 - 09:41 AM

aim left
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Posted 15 April 2017 - 09:01 PM

Thanks guys!!


Well the first 9 went to plan with 19 points, the back 9......not so much (9pts)!


Font 9 had 3 birdie putts and burned the whole each time, nothing dropped at all today, it was like there was cellophane over them today....  I had 2 lip outs, and 3 for par that had a look and then went "nah, too dark, not going in there"... another 4 or five that just burned the whole........oh and of course the obligatory short ones!!


Drove the ball reasonably well, irons were OK, but crucified myself with my recovery shots, especially on the back 9, I don't know why, but I get into a mindset where I act like its not actually a golf shot to get back on to the fairway.... it's like its a inconvenience to my game and just want to get it over and done with, rather than go through the whole pre-shot routine (Decide, Execute to a Precise target) and give it 100%, I give it a just knock it out there and get back to it.....like golf is ever only played from the short stuff, which would be great, but a number of times today I over cooked it and left myself blocked fror the next shot, or not far enough and into the fringe.............or one brain fade where I took a full swing playing a left-handed 4 iron (yes using the back of the club) and fluffing it 3m and still blocked....just Stoopid decisions and sh&thouse execution.


Just proves, I need to adhere to a focused/deliberate routine on all shots, perhaps more so on those that can kill a round dead!


The up side of today was the Driving, which was reasonable, certainly better than the past couple of weeks.Missed 2 fairways on the front 9 and hot only hit 3 on the back 9, not by much, except the two right up against the truck of a tree, just in the first cut, but most of those, blocked out the second shot.....oh yes, let the recovery-shot shenanigans begin...


irons were solid, although struggling with distance control - partly due to playing new ball (Pro V1x was Callaway Supersoft) which I was very happy with - the main reason for poor distance control stems from me wearing in the new swing and the inconsistency in strike.... I've picked up between 1-1.5 clubs in length by the adjustments made in set up that I've been working on, the compression at impact is so much better and the contact on the ball is more often from the middle of the face, used to be more towards the toe.  My bad shot today, was a slight pull, which also flew a bit further than planned.


Whilst the front 9 was really enjoyable, I lost it there for a little while on the back 9, I seemed to drift a little to much before I was able to get back on the "2 point" train, that was the most disappointing thing, but I realie it's also a function of not being "golf fit"....... it's not an excuse, but I really "felt" the last 9 and my home track is flat !!  So I'm aware I need to get a few more rounds into the back and legs to be able to see out a full 18...


So focus for Monday Stableford:


Driving - OK, just tempo

Irons - OK, just precise target

Putting - OK, keep still


Mental - Where do I begin....!!

  1. Stick to deliberate routine each shot, not matter what shot playing

  2. Focus on back 9, don't rush your shot (move quick between shots and take time at ball)


Good luck to everyone over the Easter (Golf) break, damn wish it was more often we had a 3 or 4 day break where nothing was open, so the only option was golf......How good is golf??

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