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#1 YouGottaHitIt


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Posted 19 March 2017 - 08:09 PM

Am quite interested in the emerging single length irons movement. To the point where I would be up to investing in a set (perhaps in a few months), and seeing how it goes.


However, given the $$$ of the current offerings (typically $1,000-1,500 for 5-PW) I'm more than a little nervous about the cost. Also not sure I like the idea of:

- having to rely on fairways and/or hybrids for anything longer than 5i. My current set ends at 5i, and I really wish I had a 4i.

- having to get single length clubs down to pw, then specialist wedges that are a completely different length, weight, etc, for higher lofts.


Both issues above seem to me like they kind of defeat the underlying purpose a bit. In my mind (without actually having tested anything), the ideal solution would be driver, then 4i through to shortest wedge all being SL, then putter. The less variation the better.


Just found these Pinhawk SL irons through google - http://www.golfclubs...-assembled.html


On the Pro side:

- cover all lofts from 20-59, which satisfies the goal of SL for everything except driver and putter.

- even with some customisation, can get a full set of irons for roughly $100 per club.



- never heard of the brand

- never heard of the supplier/fitter

- have no idea what shafts, grips, etc, to choose

- i know my current specs (length & lie), but have no idea if they are what I should be sticking with


For those that don't know me well, some key points:

- C/D grader - current GA is 23.4

- Driver and short irons (7i+) can be fairly good (sometimes)

- can strike longer irons well, but dispersion is horrible

- short game is non-existent

- putting is fairly decent

- am completely useless with hybrids and/or fairways, to the point where I'm more comfortable hitting driver with a smaller swing

- current circumstances allow me to play once a month if i'm lucky

- would love to practice more often, but currently not an option


So while I understand completely that you can't buy a game, just not all that happy with my current set, and feel like perhaps a simpler approach (ie. one length, one swing, etc), could help me make the most of my game within the very real constraints that I have in terms of time and talent.


Keen to hear the thoughts of the brains trust. Sort of keen to give these a try come tax time, but also a bit wary of the unknown brand, etc.


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#2 RobNewy


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Posted 20 March 2017 - 05:11 AM

There isnt a contact number for that website.

Id be wary

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#3 jrg1166


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 10:03 AM

If I remember correctly it an old guy in Mt Eliza who is acting as an agent for Hireko Golf (https://www.hirekogolf.com) in the states, there was a guy a Sandringham that used him for clubs.  I would check with John and speak to Mouldy as he had John knock up a set of single length irons for him and may have a cheaper or more trusted option for you

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#4 OldBogey


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 12:14 PM

YGHI, only playing once a month, maybe, and without any other practice, you aren't going to get any better.

No matter how much you want it or how much you spend on it.


Why can't you practise?  Get a suitable net for the back yard and get out there often.  You have to hone a consistent swing, before you'll improve on your striking.  Join one of those on-line coaching systems (e.g. Rotary Golf Swing) where you send in videos and they critique it and let you know what drills to follow.


That may be good advice, seems logical, but I admit that I don't do that.  I just play 3 to 4 times a week and tweak things as I go. Although I do have a net.


As for the clubs, talk to Jon.  His advice is gospel.

#5 GPJ_Longdriver


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 12:58 PM

In terms of shafts, what do you have now in your irons, and do they suit (that's a starting point I would imagine)


As they would all be the same length as presumably a 6 or so iron, how do you hit your current 6 iron, what are your issues with that club etc.


If you have trouble hitting your mid irons now, would that only exacerbate the issue having every other club the same length?


Just something to ponder ......... before you speak to St. Jon the gospel. :)


You made need a couple of panadols and a good lie down afterwards, but I'd also chat to the "moulded sole" and see what his experiences have been with a set.

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#6 Commish


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 03:00 PM

If Mouldy is not using the set he had, then the question is probably already answered.



NOOOO, wait,  I forgot we are talking about Mouldy and trying things and then trying them again.... and again... and again..  As a Sydneyite,  I would go with the Golfguy suggestions.

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#7 YouGottaHitIt


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 07:21 PM

Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it. In no way sold on the Pinhawks, just from a quick google they seemed to tick a few boxes in the pro column, so piqued my interest.


Were I to make the decision to go ahead with a new set, then I definitely agree that it would be worth the time (and money) to seek the advice of a professional, and of course I'm well aware Golfguy's reputation speaks for itself. I already have two sets I'm not happy with (one I love but they're beyond me), so I don't need a third in the same category.


Responses to a few cherry-picked points:

- I agree 100% unlikely to see any significant improvement with limited golf and no practice. Not that I can't practice, but like anything else it comes down to time and priorities, and I'm pretty happy with where mine stand ATM. That being said, don't see why I shouldn't seek out a set I'm happy with, if I can justify the cost.

- I like nets for a warm-up, but I've never liked the idea of them for prolonged practice. How do I know I'm not just perfecting an awful swing? If I can't see the results (eg. down a practice fairway), then I don't have much confidence that it's worthwhile practice. Each to their own.

- Don't know any more about my shafts other than they are True Temper steel stiff flex. One of the standard shafts for Wilson Di11, so doubt they would be top shelf. Specs 1/2 inch over, 2 degrees upright. Not unhappy with how they perform in general, but also don't know that I wouldn't be better suited to some other shaft & specs. Probably worth a fitting lesson to get advice on this.

- Not sure about other brands, but the standard length for the Pinhawk SLs is 37 inches, equivalent to my 9i. Going 1/2 or 1 inch over would make them equivalent to my 8i or 7i, both of which I'm perfectly comfortable with.

- This idea is probably crazy enough already without letting Mouldy add more to it. Maybe asking for his advice might seem like a better idea later at night...

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