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#1726 BumpunRun


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Posted 18 July 2017 - 10:04 AM

Are Reders Digest bringing out an abridged version? I'll wait for that.

yes, I will send you a signed copy 

"But sometimes there are more important things in life than being pedantic about the rules of golf, or spelling and grammar on golf forums"

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Posted 20 July 2017 - 08:07 PM

so, getting ready Sunday morning at 6:10am I get a text from Dad "check out bom" 

so I did, and yes there was a rather large cell floating over Brisbane at that time, but with *Mouldy precision and accuracy, I assured him we'd be all sweet by the time we hit off at 8:10am


Number 1, Dad doesn't like playing in the rain

Number 2, Dad doesn't like walking (which we were)


with that in mind, the rain had cleared when we got to the course at 7ish to an absolutely perfect day for golf. The shower would have softened up some of the very hard greens and the drainage there meant it was better than ever.


I am normally very conscious of trying to at least hit a couple of balls with a full swing before teeing off and considering it was 49 days since I last hit a ball, I took off to the first without having any practice.

10th hole is a reachable par 5 in length, but not necessarily one where you can hold a second shot. I actually smashed driver, nice draw down long and left hand side. Weets also smashed his new M2 and were were as good as the same length, I knew this was going to annoy me all day if he was keeping up with me or even hitting it longer...

anyway, second shot was a 5 iron with the intention of putting it front edge or just short with a chip up. Hit it well and left myself with a nice little chip up for a possible birdie. But, off a tight lie and no real feel, I chunked it, then hit the next one thin past the flag for a hard fought bogey.


Next hole was a 7 iron par 3. I put it on, but on the wrong part of the green for my first 3 putt of the day. 


the 12th is one I had been thinking about because it is possibly in range from the correct line, tagged drive with a slight cut...I was a little too far right of the line to get on, but it meant I was in a very well positioned bunker about 80 out. I tried for a solid, cleanly hit SW to fly it to the flag, I somehow smashed it and it went loooong. Being long here isn't cool, it was slightly better than where Weets and Upnin went pin high right, but still not cool.


Then the next hole has a bunker on the inside corner of a dog-leg right hole, I took it on and caught a tree on the right hand side. Still had a shot to the green, it was a 3/4 wedge that I could not be long or right or that was dead. I was trying to manufacture the right swing and it didn't feel right. Because I couldn't feel the right swing, I thought how do I go about this to give myself a chance. So I hit it fat, very fat, one of my worst wedge swings in a long time. This left me a nice little Lob wedge flick, same deal, anything but right... Hit it at the flag but it spun just off, to the right and left me now with a 15m putt from off the green because it went right and right was not good.  

Then the next hole was a great par 4 that last time I hit driver, 8 iron. The tee was moved back about ways and it was a solid par 5. I smashed driver to be about 200 out. Now I had options and I don't like options. I could try and take a 3 iron up through the shelf at the front, but if I was short it would be a tough little chip, or I could hit it something 100 to be 100 out. Obviously I took 3 iron to try and run it up the front. I put on the most atrocious swing imaginable, barely hit the ball and the divot put my ball about 130 out.


A really helpful thing about RQ is all the distance markers on the sprinkler heads are to the front of the green and the score card has distance to the pin from the front of the green. This next hole I was just inside a sprinkler that said 105, the pin was 5m on. So, if I hit a shot that goes 100, it will land on the front edge and be sweet. And so my lob wedge did accordingly, it landed on the front edge, popped up for an easy up and down from 105 away.


There was another really fat pitching wedge on my favourite hole, 17 where I again tried to manufacture a three-quarter shot and just didn't have any sort of feel.


Then, the line into a really tough 18th green was left of the fairway bunker. I went left of the fairway bunker, too far left and went into another bunker that I couldn't see from the tee. I was 150 from the pin, and as described in the the How did you Play thread, I absolutely smashed it, picked it up as clean as any bunker shot and it landed 147 away, just short of the pin. But it needed to land 145, because it trickled off the back and was stupid.


There were plenty of other boring, not really worthy of repeating stories about the second nine, which included 4 holes in a row where I missed a birdie by an inch or so. I was starting to putt very well but nothing was dropping.


It was a much more consistent nine where a couple of bogeys had me 3 over coming into the last. I know this hole is driver, hybrid to be on. Driver was long enough up the right hand side leaving me the 230 I needed for my hybrid. From where I was standing, I had to cut my approach in through the throat of the green surrounded by bunkers, my shot didn't cut and finished in the creek running up the left hand side. As I was walking to my ball, I see the bunker I was planning on cutting it past, was 50 short of the green and was in no way in play if I had hit a normal straight shot at the flag. Oh well. 


finished up 10 over all up and there was definitely some I left out there. I normally hate saying that and will laugh at people who use that as a pissant excuse for not playing well, but it was one of those days where, even though I was very rusty, I felt like I was close to genuinely smashing it. I have said it each subsequent time I play there that I will play better next time because of knowing where to miss, but there is still lots of the course that alludes me and I am sure it will take me many, many more visits to get it right. 


All in all, by now I am sure it's only me reading this by now. 


I just read it, and yes you were a bit lacking in match condition, but you did hit some really good shots. With more regular play, you would eat up the course.


It was a good day on the links, fantastic Brissy weather and some fine shots hit by all - even moi. Great company makes for great golf....even if the scores aren't stellar.


We'll do it again. ;)  

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#1728 BumpunRun


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Posted Yesterday, 07:55 AM

Look, I am not normally one to brag, but I am good. Well maybe not that I am good, but the dudes and the machines at BNE Central golf in the Taylor Made doova are awesome. 

This was a free fitting night session and I spent about 45 minutes all up smashing balls.

I think I have settled on an M1 with a HZRDUS red 

on the machine I was carrying this further than I was getting my driver to roll out, with about 1200rpm less spin 

Then I hit about 20 balls outside on the range and the ball flight is something really awesome, I am quite happy.


Now the hunt for the best price begins!


Yes I know it's all marketing and hype and honeymoon and adrenaline and stuff like that, but I was pretty damn impressed with this stick and shaft 

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"But sometimes there are more important things in life than being pedantic about the rules of golf, or spelling and grammar on golf forums"

#1729 Toph


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Posted Yesterday, 05:40 PM

Just remember they never seem to work as well in real life
I'm just pissed off OK? Don't ask.

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Posted Yesterday, 05:53 PM

Do you have socks that match the driver?

#1731 BumpunRun


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Posted Yesterday, 05:56 PM

I've only got one 62g stiff sock.
"But sometimes there are more important things in life than being pedantic about the rules of golf, or spelling and grammar on golf forums"

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Posted Yesterday, 06:44 PM

I've only got one 62g stiff sock.

That's filthy, you should wash that

#1733 bazinoz


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Posted Yesterday, 08:25 PM

I've only got one 62g stiff sock.


You're not putting that on in my car Sunday...

#1734 Li Ning

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Posted Yesterday, 08:47 PM

You're not putting that in my boot Sunday...

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